Royal Canadian Air Cadets/Cadets de l'Aviation Royale du Canada - Does anyone have a high quality 592 Canadair Community crest or shoulder badge?
Royal Canadian Air Cadets
 Where we use to be located:
 5510 Henri Bourassa Blvd.
 Saint-Laurent, Quebec (514-744-4672)
 It is time to Join Us!
We welcome former 592 Squadron cadets to keep in contact with us (Sponsoring Committee) and visit this site.
 Please forward any info you may have in pictures, news clippings, crests, badges, listings of flights, ncos, telephone lists, etc.
    592 Commanding Officers
    The Story of Air Cadets !
    Take a look at photos:
    Pictures on this site
    We have albums on Flickr for 1954 thru NOW !
    1954 thru present Yearbooks
Early days:To read the newsclipping of the earlier days of cadets. 
If you have any pictures, crests or badges (Shoulder flashes) - please contact me and we can make arragements to put it into the archives. Remember that we had to throw out a lot of the old records and artifact when we moved out of the building in 1994 - when we left Father MacDonald we took pictures of the "wings" "DoE" boards but left them there. If you can scan the items so they provide at least an 4" X 6" image at 100 to 300 dpi, providing that you identify yourself in your email, I'll use it as part of this website or burn it into a CD as part of the squadron records.
Revised: 8 Jan 2014
Please come back soon and visit us.
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